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Online Sample

FGI offers one of the largest high-quality online panels in the industry. From the beginning, FGI has insisted on using only the most stringent recruiting, sampling, and panel usage practices. Our clients believe that there is no single element more critical to their online data collection than effective and methodologically sound sampling from a quality panel. No matter how carefully constructed your questionnaire or rigorous your analysis, if you have not asked your questions of the right people, your results are not worth the paper your report is printed on. FGI offers multiple sample solutions, tailored to your needs, combined with our extensive expertise with best practice methods. You can trust our online sample solutions.


FGI's SmartPanel provides access to half a million general consumer panelists in the US, plus some very specific targeted subgroups:

  • Parents of babies, kids, tweens and teens
  • Automotive owners and intenders by make and model
  • Wireless Internet users
  • Hispanics
  • Business selects such as job title, industry, and department
  • Ailment sufferers
  • More...

FGI's SmartPanel also offers the added benefit of Yankelovich Monitor Mindbase and Hispanic Acculturation scores availability.

Our panel has been built using multiple sources to maximize access to hard to reach groups and minimize bias that could be introduced by using only one or two sources. Panelists come to us from all over the Internet, and because all of our panelists have been through a double opt-in process before they take a single survey, there's no risk of sending unwanted survey invitations.

FGI's advanced and highly proprietary sampling method provides our clients a real strategic advantage. Used by default, unless otherwise required by a client, FGI's iGAGE sampling method dynamically selects sample that will yield representative results on each unique survey. FGI's iGAGE method is based on our years of experience in sampling best practices, as well as our extensive knowledge of online sample performance. Many panel providers will incorrectly suggest that panel size is the most important factor or they will claim to use rigorous sampling methods when in fact they do not. Close inspection will often prove that very few companies can match the advantages of FGI's online sampling methods.

Custom Panels

Many clients need to reach a more targeted audience - their own customers. As a result, FGI has pioneered the development of custom (or proprietary) panels for clients who conduct a large number of studies with their customers. FGI manages everything from panel design, recruitment, management and ongoing supplementation. FGI ensures that all custom panels fully comply with federal, state and industry laws and standards. In addition, FGI's custom panel clients have secure access to real time data about every important aspect of their panel and its performance. Click here to learn more.


Perhaps the group you're trying to reach is well represented in the general population. In this case, a partition may make sense for you. FGI will screen our SmartPanel to determine who meets your screening criteria, and use that partition as an ongoing sample frame for your research. Just as with a custom panel, you will be able to view selection criteria and partition data in real time.

Other Options

If you have a list of customers that you wish to interview, but do not need to build a custom panel, FGI can invite them on your behalf. This is easier if you already have email addresses, but if not, they can be reached through our phone center and recruited for the online study, or we can help you match them with their email addresses for larger databases.

No matter which sampling method is chosen, FGI always adheres to the requirements outlined in the federal CAN-SPAM legislation. Although survey invitations are not considered spam because there is no commercial intent, we feel that adherence to these regulations provides the best protection to our clients. In addition, as a full CASRO member in good standing, we protect the privacy of our panelists rigorously, which encourages them to stay in our panels and take more surveys.

online sample

FGI's SmartPanel (850,000 members) has earned the reputation as one of the largest high-quality online panels in the industry.

FGI's proprietary sampling method, called iGAGE, uses real-time balancing algorithms to provide clients with the most representative sample possible

When conducting a large number of customer studies, FGI's custom panel solution will you save time and money vs. other methods

If you lack email addresses for many of your customers, FGI has proven solutions to obtain their addresses and recruit them into a responsive panel

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