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Full Service

FGI provides custom marketing research for consumer and business-to-business organizations. Since 1981, we have been helping leading companies from a variety of industries identify the insights they need to make better decisions...and achieve higher levels of success.

FGI clients choose our full service solutions because of our reputation, comprehensive capabilities, client service and ability to produce actionable insights that are relevant to their most pressing needs. From initial support with questionnaire the discovery of insights during custom reporting...all the way to advanced analysis, segmentation, and conjoint and discrete choice models ...FGI can meet your full service research needs on your terms.

Questionnaire Design

FGI brings extensive experience to the questionnaire design process that results in questionnaires that measure the information your organization needs for better decisions. Whether the questionnaire is one your organization has designed and the only need is refinement and consultation, or we construct the questionnaire, we design questionnaires that tap only the most useful information.


FGI can produce topline and descriptive reports as needed. FGI also offers a range of full service custom reporting. FGI's custom reports not only describe data, but also identify key findings and supply actionable recommendations. Our custom reports go beyond simple descriptions and include drill downs into the data for more in depth analysis. FGI provides guidance in using and interpreting the data, not just a summary of the data.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Competitive Benchmarking

Our approach to customer satisfaction measurement and competitive benchmarking is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. We do not have a canned approach, but rather a starting paradigm. We also believe that customer satisfaction measurement should "peel back the layers" to examine the key drivers of customer satisfaction. We incorporate all of the "standard" statistical tools to analyze customer satisfaction including regression/correlation, logistic regression, factor analysis, and discriminant analysis.

While knowing how satisfied your customers are is valuable information, comprehensive customer satisfaction research should include metrics other than satisfaction to develop a complete picture of customer satisfaction. A comprehensive customer satisfaction study should include loyalty measures as well as comprehensive attribute batteries to determine what is driving satisfaction.

Our approach to competitive benchmarking is similar to our approach to customer satisfaction measurement. It is impossible to compare your organization to the competition unless you have an accurate picture of the competition. The competitive benchmarking study can be merged with, or executed with, a customer satisfaction study to develop a picture of the competitive landscape. This allows you to see the competitive strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

Segmentation Analysis and Discrete Choice/Conjoint Modeling

FGI has experience in segmentation to help you target the customers you value most in the most efficient manner. We believe that any successful segmentation solution should have two key features. First, it should identify valuable groups of customers. Second, it should provide a way to target those customers.

FGI's conjoint and discrete choice models can help your organization optimize product mixes, labeling, new product development, and pricing strategy. Conjoint models allow respondents to consider several attributes simultaneously when choosing or rating products. Discrete choice models allow us to more realistically simulate the marketplace for your product.

full service

FGI provides advanced questionnaire design support to ensure that you get the most from your reporting and analysis on the backend

FGI's custom reporting goes beyond data descriptions to identify actionable insights and key recommendations

FGI uses industry best practices to deliver all full service solutions...but remains flexible to each client's unique needs and preferences

FGI provides a full array of segmentation, conjoint, and discrete choice modeling solutions

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